2019 is crucial to the future of Washington County!

Do you know a majority - four seats - on the Board of Supervisors are up for election? The gains we've made towards respectful, responsible government are at risk.

WIN candidate endorsements and campaigning in 2015, and again in 2017, helped earn our county a more reasonable, moderate, and responsive Board of Supervisors. Your persistent support and involvement remains key to continuing to elect leaders who listen and vote with an eye on the future of all county citizens.

Right now, there are opportunities for you to help keep Washington County on the path to fair and open governance:

  1. Numbers matter: Please ask family, friends, and neighbors to JOIN WIN - right here.
  2. WIN members observe Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Industrial Development Authority meetings each month. We invite you to join our ranks of observers, an excellent opportunity to learn how our county works and to support WIN's objective of transparent government.
  3. Respond to the WIN Member Survey.
  4. This summer, WIN members from the Madison (Watauga, S. Abingdon),Harrison (East Abingdon, West Abingdon), Tyler (Burson Place, Valley Institute, Mendota), and Monroe (Glade Spring, Meadowview) districts will help WIN leaders to interview candidates for supervisor and make recommendations for WIN endorsement. In August, you will join fellow WIN members at our annual membership meeting to vote on supervisor candidate endorsement and campaign support.
Contact to learn more.

Thank you for supporting and enhancing good government in Washington County.
--Your WIN Chair & Steering Committee

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